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The Bank Restaurant

The Bank Restaurant

7 Church Street, Sheringham, NR26 8QR, United Kingdom

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Tel 01263 824500

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About The Bank Restaurant

We are not a Curry House, or a fast food outlet, try us and find the difference.


g/f gluten free d/f dairy free

gentle +mild ++medium +++full flavoured ++++hot

Please be advised that many of our dishes do contain NUTS.

Please ask our waiting staff who will consult with the chef for advice.

Although dishes may be cooked dairy free please ask for information on sauce used in plate decoration.


BHUTEKO MASU (d/f) (g/f) (+++)

Diced Lamb, Beef, Chicken or King Prawn flavoured with capsicums green chilli and fresh herbs to give a full flavour dish with a thick coated sauce. Lamb £13.95, Beef £12.95, Chicken £11.95, King Prawn £16.95

LAMB MYSOR (d/f) (d/f) (++)

A medium hot flavoured dish with tender diced lamb onions herbs and fennel served in a rich thick sauce, £13.95

KHASI KO MASU (d/f) (g/f) (++)

Pan seared lamb chops/cutlets (on the bone) marinated in a subtle blend of herbs and spices served with masala mash potato and a rich thick sauce £16.95

NEPALESE STYLE CURRY (d/f) (g/f) (+++)

A full flavoured dish with Lamb,Beef,Chicken or King Prawns prepared and cooked as in a Nepalese kitchen in Nepal. Lamb £13.95,Beef £12.95,Chicken £11.95,King Prawn £16.95

HONEY CHILLI (d/f) (+)

Lamb, Beef, Chicken or king prawns sweet and sour flavoured with capsicums, onions and honey, Lamb£13.95, Beef £12.95, Chicken£11.95, King Prawn £16.95.


Stuffed chicken supreme filled with coconut cashew nuts and blended chicken keema served in a delicate golden sauce £ 12.95

PUDNI CHICKEN (g/f) (++)

Diced chicken breast marinated with ginger garlic and mint, served in a golden gravy £11.95

MACHA CURRY (d/f) (g/f) (++)

Salmon pieces cooked in thick gravy flavoured with curry leaf and mustard £13.95

MIXED SIZZLER (d/f) (g/f) (++)

A combination of mixed meats and seafood infused with chefs selected herbs and spices £15.95

BEEF RARA (d/f) (g/f) (+++)

Tender pieces of diced and minced beef cooked together in a rich spicy sauce £12.95

CHATAPATA (g/f) (d/f) (++++)

Lamb, Beef, Chicken or King Prawn this is a hot spicy dish made with a combination of chefs selected herbs and spices to give a full flavour (a must if you are a madras lover)Lamb £13.95, Beef £12.95, Chicken £11.95, King Prawn £16.95

Much more available on the website.

Please contact us to make your reservation on 01263 824500 or make a booking via the contact button on this page


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  • Vegetarian & Vegan

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  • Open - All Year
  • Open - Easter

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