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Amazona Zoo - Cromer

Hall Road, Cromer, NR27 9JG, United Kingdom

Family Days Out - Animals & Wildlife

Tel 01263 510 741

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About Amazona Zoo - Cromer

Amazona is a family focused Zoo in North Norfolk we offer a whole range of exciting animals and activities for the whole family.

The World Zoo Conservation Strategy details the expectations of all progressive collections of exotic species ; the responsibility that the strategy places upon zoological collections is enormous and it has generated the mission statement of AmazonaZOO:-
"to work with all conservationists and other zoos towards the goal of full protection of all wild species
and their wild homes"

The ability of a zoo such as Amazona ZOO to contribute towards planetary conservation may not be apparent. However, the combined work of British and Irish zoos, as well as all the major European zoos, and other zoos coming together under the leadership of the World Association of Zoos, has had and will
continue to have a huge positive impact on conservation achievements. Some species have been saved, some returned to the wild but until there is less habitat loss and greater hope for perpetual habitat protection, then the main role for zoos is to maintain populations of endangered and vulnerable species in captive care.

Brazil is so large that the continent of Australia can fit within its borders yet the pace of its wilderness destruction is breathtaking. Annually an area the size of Belgium is being destroyed and with it the homes of indigenous people and a huge cross section of animal and plant life. The forest gave us rubber, cocoa and
aspirin and it continues to yield many benefits to mankind.

Photo Tours

A unique opportunity exists to photograph these animals close up, without the cage wires impeding the quality of the images. A qualified professional photographer will be there to give advice where necessary. Photographic tours are only available during the winter months when the Zoo is closed.

The day will begin at 10 am, a light lunch is included, and the cost is £95 per person.

For further information and tour dates please contact either:
Julie Mowbray FBIPP
Tel: 01263 733664

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