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The Shell Museum

The Shell Museum

Church House, Glandford, Holt, NR23 7JR, United Kingdom

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Tel 01263 740081

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About The Shell Museum

As well as thousands of exquisite seashells, the Museum also contains fossils, birds' eggs, agate ware, local archaeological finds and many more fascinating items

The Museum underwent a major refurbishment programme in 2003 when great care and attention were taken to both enhance and preserve its unique Victorian collection.

Next to the Museum stands St Martin's Church, a charming church which contains elaborate woodcarving and beautiful stained glass windows and whose carillon of twelve bells plays a hymn every three hours.

An early Guide to the County of Norfolk describes the little village of Glandford in these words:

"Nature could hardly stage a more delightful scene. Its church is a jewel set in a garden on the hill, looking over the wooded valley where the River Glaven flows to the sea. Below it is a rare little museum for all who love beautiful things... Now everything here is as beautiful as the skill of our time could make it."

All who have visited Glandford will agree that the above is a very fitting description of the village. The church is certainly very lovely and the museum is, in its way, as beautiful as the church. It is a small building with Dutch gables, and was built in 1915 by the late Sir Alfred Jodrell, Baronet, of Bayfield Hall, in a style to harmonize with the rest of the village. The work was carried out by workmen employed on the Bayfield Estate under the direction of Mr Thomas Holbrook, a churchwarden of the parish church.

The original purpose of the museum was to house a collection of shells made over a period of sixty years by the late Sir Alfred Jodrell himself and stored in boxes at Bayfield Hall until the museum was built. After completion Sir Alfred and his sisters, Lady Seale, and Mrs. Ind arranged the whole of the shells in their cases. These shells come from all corners of the earth, and the collection is constantly being added to. There are shells of every hue, shells as delicately coloured as butterfly wings: shells exquisitely carved.

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