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Extreeme Adventure Sports

High House, Weasenham, Kings Lynn, PE32 2SP, United Kingdom

Extreme Days Out - Extreme Sports

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About Extreeme Adventure Sports

The Extreeme Adventure high ropes and tall trees course is set at two different heights - low ropes at 20ft. and high ropes at 40ft. for the more extreme participant.

In addition there is a 3G swing, a 1,000ft zip wire and an 85ft fan descender jump.

High Ropes Course
There are 11 elements at this level including:
* Postmans Walk (tight rope with hand rope)
* Islands in the Sky (hanging/swinging platforms)
* Wind Chimes (hanging vertical logs)
* Zip Wire into Scramble Net

40t High Ropes at Extreeme Adventure
There are 7 elements at this level including:

* Burma Bridge - V shaped rope bridge through oak tree
* Multi Vines - Tight rope with hanging vines to hang on to
* 300ft. zip wire to 3G swing

Extreeme Adventure High Ropes Course Extra Elements

* 3G swing - an exhilarating ride for any participant who wants to experience the g-force effect. The swing can take 3 people at a time and is winched up to a maximum height of 45ft and one of the participants then releases it into a massive swing.

* 1,000ft zip wire and or an 85ft fan descender jump - a platform 85ft up a massive Grand Fir, which itself is over 150ft high, gives the braver participants the thrill of flying down a 1,000ft zip wire and or dropping on a fan descender in a controlled vertical jump (this is similar, but much higher, than the fan descenders used by the armed forces for parachute training). Respectively the zip wire and fan descender are thought to be Britain's longest and highest.

Quad Biking - Enjoy an off-road adventure with our Suzuki ATV quad bike trek, the newest of our exTREEme adventure outdoor recreation activities. Our quad bike instructors are LANTRA trained. Participants must be at least 16 years old .

Spend half an hour mastering control of your quad, then head out in a group lead by our guide, where you tackle an hour long safari. The routes will be dependent on experience and ability. We cater for novices, those more experienced, as well as the more able and adventurous.

The New Wood is the oldest example of Continuous Cover Forestry in Britain, being managed under this system, by the same family, for over 100 years. It is never clear felled which allows many unusual flowering shrubs and trees to thrive under the shelter of the high forest. The rhododendrons and azaleas are at their best towards the end of May, beginning of June.

The management objective is, and always has been to produce big top quality timber, combined with a high amenity value. The wood is a mixture of conifers and hardwoods. You will notice the big old rough, poor quality trees, but it is the younger trees, now 70 - 110 years old, that have grown up under the shelter of the old rough trees and, at the same time being forced upwards towards the light, that produce the quality timber. This is used for construction and furniture production.

These "second generation" good quality trees, are in many cases, almost twice the height of their parent trees, most of them being self sown. It is hoped that many of them will go on for another 100 - 150 years. When you see them, imagine what they will look like in that time span. They will not all make it, some will succumb to fungus or gales or be taken out to make room for the surrounding trees. The gaps thus created provide room for natural regeneration to occur and where it does not, individual trees can be planted. As time progresses the forest becomes more uneven aged, providing the perfect setting for an Extreeme Adventure.

When woodland is managed in this way you are imitating what happens in the natural forests of the world, be they in a tropical or temperate climate. Basically nature is on your side and you are not fighting it, as with an even aged monoculture plantation system, so widely seen in this country.

The main threat to this woodland and every other woodland in the country is the alien grey squirrel. It is the owner's view that this creature has to be totally eradicated from this country, followed by the reintroduction of our charming native red squirrel. Large sums of money are spent removing grey squirrels in these woods every year, but this is not sustainable in the long run. If the grey squirrel is not removed from this country these woods, as with all other woods in this country will slowly be destroyed
Safety at Extreeme Adventure is taken very seriously.

Who can take part in an Extreme Adventure?

* Minimum age: 10 years. Under 18's must be accompanied by a participating adult with a maximum of 3 under 18's per adult. Accompanying adults will be required to sign a disclaimer for their group.
* Minimum height: 1.40 metres (4ft 7 inches) - average height of a 10 year old.
* Maximum weight: 130 kg (20.5 stone).
* A reasonable level of fitness and strength is required as the course is challenging.

Dress Code

* Participants should wear long sleeves and trousers.
* Practical footwear is essential - trainers or ankle supporting boots are ideal.
* Every participant is fitted with a safety harness, which includes a chest harness and a helmet. Helmets are colour coded to easily identify under 18's (blue), adults (red) and instructors (white).

Safety & Instruction

* Qualified instructors give all participants initial instruction on our training course, situated by the pavillion. This includes familiarisation with the safety harness and ancillary equipment as well as how to attach oneself to the safety wires of the ropes course.

* Zip Wires. The 300 and 1,000ft zip wires are both very fast. In both cases an instructor is at the start of the zip wire to ensure that the participant is attached correctly. The participant ends up about 10ft above the ground and then uses a descending device, called a "Grigri" to control their descent to the ground, under the supervision of another instructor.

* The "Grand Fir" 85ft platform. This takes 3 instructors to operate. One at the base of the tree to operate the electric winch and ensure that the participant is correctly secured for the ascent; one on the 85ft platform to ensure that the participant is secured correctly to either the fan descender or the 1,000ft zip wire. The third instructor is at the end of the 1,000 ft. zip wire to ensure a safe descent to the ground.

All participants must sign a disclaimer.


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