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Coastal Tours & Seal Trips in North Norfolk

Coastal Tours & Seal Trips in North Norfolk

Coastal Tours in North Norfolk

Visit North Norfolk is the comprehensive guide to Seal Watching Trips on the North Norfolk Coast.
Seal Watching around the North Norfolk Coast at Blakeney is an unbelievable experience. The Norfolk Coastline is spectacular without getting a once in a lifetime chance to see some fantastic Norfolk Seals. If you want to see seals up close, you are on the right page. When you come close to the seals, these inquisitive animals usually swim up to the boat to investigate or decide to stay still and relax in the sun!

Most seal watching trips take visitors to Blakeney Point. It is looked after by the National Trust and is an important breeding ground for many rare birds - as well as seals. Seal trips running out of Hunstanton take visitors to the Wash.

Most of the seals that you see on a Norfolk Seal Trip are Common Seals and Grey Seals. Common seals have their young between June and August, the Greys between November and January.
Choose from the Seal Trip boat trips below for the best Seal Watching experience available.

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