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The Muckleburgh Military Collection

A149 Coast Road, Weybourne, NR25 7EG, United Kingdom

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About The Muckleburgh Military Collection

The Muckleburgh Military Collection can be found at Weybourne (NR25 7EH) between Blakeney and Sheringham on the A149 Norfolk Coast Road.

There is a huge display of working tanks, guns and militaria which takes at least two hours to visit. With fine sea views the Café provides a wide range of snacks and lunches.

During school holidays there is a daily tank demonstration at 2.30 pm (except Saturdays) subject to the weather. On these days military lorry rides take visitors round the former Royal Artillery Camp to see the anti-aircraft guns, the airfield, RAF Radar station and original wartime defences.

The Royal Artillery Camp is a site of historic military significance for it was where the Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxons invaded before it was used for defence in WW1 and WW2. In addition to the tanks and guns there are displays on Air Sea Rescue, RAF reconnaissance and the Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry. The light weapons, the extensive ammunition display and the models are amongst the finest you will find anywhere.

It’s a great place to visit for children. Disable friendly, with dog kennels, free WiFi Broadband, a play and a picnic area all add to its attraction.

The Collection

Including tanks, armoured cars, bombs, artillery and missiles used by the allied armies during World War II.
It incorporates the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry Museum of uniforms, weapons, photographs and documents, the RAF Reconnaissance and Air Sea Rescue and Marine Craft exhibits.

There are items of artillery used in the Falkland Islands and uniforms, weapons and other equipment recovered from coalition and Iraqi armies in the Gulf War. Some post-war aircraft on display with a unique collection of model ships.

Tank demonstrations and Rides make it an exciting days visit.

The museum is located on the site of the World War Two and post-war Weybourne Anti Aircraft Training Camp. Weybourne Camp is north west of the coastal village of Weybourne.

The site was first used in 1935 by the Anti Aircraft Division of the Territorial Army as a temporary summer camp. In 1937 and as a result of the growing threat of war, it was decided to make the camp permanent and more fixed structures and defences were erected. During World War Two the camp was surrounded by a perimeter anti-tank ditch and defended by a system of gun emplacements and barbed wire.

The interior of the camp consisted of groups of Nissen huts, barracks and other military buildings.

The cliff top to the north was covered by a line of heavy anti-aircraft guns and batteries, slit trenches and pillboxes. As the war dragged on

defences at Weybourne Camp became more complex and were altered regularly and significantly throughout the Second World War.

In 1941 the camp was visited by Winston Churchill. During the war a grass airstrip was laid out which is still used.

The camp was still used for gunnery until 1960. Much of the camp and its defences are now demolished.

Children's Play & Picnic Site

The Children's Play Area which is situated adjacent to the Tank Demonstration Area.
A family picnic area is available and can be accessed through the cafe.

Alternatively you are also welcome to picnic on the grassed area in front of the museum.
Visitors are asked to ensure all litter is properly disposed of and to be careful of any military vehicles that may be in the area at the time...

The Muckleburgh Military Collection is home to The Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry collection, the Medmenham Collection of aerial reconnaissance and numerous special displays. The vehicles and 300 acres of facilities including pill boxes and bunkers have been used for television films, documentaries and dramas.

Sir Michael Savory, the Managing Partner of the Muckleburgh Collection comes from a family with a long history of military service.

Michael's Father, Berry, who jointly founded the Collection and sadly died in 1998, served in the RAF in WWII as a Squadron Leader and was on the planning staff for Op OVERLORD, the D-Day invasion of mainland Europe.

His uncle also served in WWII in the King’s Own Royal Regiment, Norfolk Yeomanry and saw service throughout North West Norfolk.

Michael spent his early years in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) before entering the financial services industry straight from school. He was elected Lord Mayor of the City of London in 2004 and held, until 2011, the Honorary Colonelship of The London Regiment. Since retiring from the City of London he has devoted time to the development of the Collection.

The Museum is situated on A149 between Wells and Cromer Sat Nav NR25 7EH

The Café is only available after paying for entry to the Museum

A Tank Demonstration at 2.30 pm and Vehicle Rides round the Weybourne Camp only take place during School Holidays except on Saturdays and are subject to the weather

Dog kennels are provided as dogs are not permitted in the Museum
Disabled wheelchairs are available

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