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Walking The Coastal path

Walkig the Coastal Path

Walking the North Norfolk Coastal Paths

The North Norfolk Coast path is a national long distance trail which links The Peddar’s Way to a walk that follows the north Norfolk Coast line from Holme next the Sea to Cromer, over a distance of 44 miles. Ideal for a walking holiday to enjoy this breath-taking coastal landscape and the huge blue skies that Norfolk is renowned for, whilst staying at a hotel on the North Norfolk Coast.

From the sandy dunes and beaches from Holme, the path leads along grassy sea walls, to the vast beach backed by Pine woodland at Holkham to Wells, then onwards pass the sea water marshes made of mud creeks and marshland of Stiffkey, Morston and Blakeney to the shingle banks at Cley and Weybourne that leads to the low cliffs that rise to the high cliff tops of Sheringham and its golf course and the beach and cliffs that roll towards Cromer. The route is marked with signpost with red acorns, and also follows the A149 Coastal Road.

Walking sections of the North Norfolk Coast offers mostly a level path, with some sandy beaches and shingle banks that can be tiring on the legs. There are many small natural harbours along this coast line that have creeks, full at high tide and mudflats at low tide and there are a few sections that brings you inland at high tide or can be bypassed at low tide following the coast, you should check the time of the tides before you start. There is a regular bus service that runs along the coast road; the Coast Hopper, which is ideal for those wanting to walk a short part of the North Norfolk Path and then jump on the Coast Hopper for the journey back.

The North Norfolk Coast is a beautiful place to explore by this national walking trail, taking a leisurely stroll at your own pace, to admire and observe the wildlife that habitat this coastal environment, the unique marshland flora and the variety of bird species, both native to the British coast and visiting migratory birds that come here every year, either to breed like the Arctic turns at Blakeney Point or the Canadian Geese that pass through here to refuel on their long journey back to Canada. Perfect for a walking holiday on the North Norfolk Coast; for those who enjoy the great outdoors and to explore the delights that this area has to offer at their own pace.